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Here at NW Energy, we bring you amazing deals from our trusted partners for everything solar! Get the latest and greatest in eco-friendly home installations along with plenty of other value added services right here!

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Cutting-edge solar power solutions to sustainably light up your future!

NW Energy is honored to be the leading solar system maintenance and installation service provider in the Vancouver region. Since our inception, we have installed the most advanced and efficient solar panels and battery technologies for over 5,000 households and business owners in the region.
We distinguish ourselves via our expertise, personalized customer experience, and unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations. We are happy to live, work, and give back in our local communities and be a top renewable energy company.

Our staff works every day to guarantee that the Vancouver area thrives for future generations by utilizing clean and efficient solar electricity. Installing a solar panel system has no upfront expenditures and may significantly reduce your energy bills. Contact us today to schedule a site visit with us.
NW Energy provides engineering, procurement, and construction clean energy services for solar projects of various sizes, from big commercial systems to small companies and homes. The NW Energy staff is dedicated to assisting you in meeting corporate mandates, evaluating and conserving current energy consumption, and ultimately saving money with solar. NW Energy is your source for solar site assessment and solar power design in the Vancouver area and beyond. With years of expertise and NABCEP-certified personnel, we can provide solar power solutions for your commercial and residential solar project anywhere in America.

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What do we do to build a greener and sustainable future?


Increase your energy independence with NW Energy's cutting-edge PV Systems. Use the power of sunlight to generate clean electricity for your house or company. Our PV systems, which use cutting-edge technology, provide a long-term solution for lowering your carbon footprint while also supplying stable electricity. Achieve a brighter, greener future with NW Energy PV Systems, where innovation meets sustainability.

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With NW Energy Storage Systems, you can unlock your renewable energy's full potential. Our innovative battery sustainable energy solutions connect smoothly with your PV system, delivering a constant power supply day and night. Improve grid stability, eliminate energy variations, and gain control over your energy use. NW Energy Storage Systems provides stable and efficient energy storage systems for a more resilient tomorrow.


NW Energy's Floating PV Systems represent the next stage in solar technology. Transform water surfaces into energy-generating centers while maximizing land usage efficiency. Our floating PV systems and solar roofing solutions not only provide clean power, but they also help to manage water more sustainably. Dig into innovation with NW Energy and learn about the benefits of using solar electricity on open water, since a better future begins where the sun meets the sea.



NW Energy's PV Power Plant solutions will help to redefine the energy landscape. From community-scale initiatives to utility-scale solar system installations, we design and build cutting-edge facilities that capture the sun's infinite power. NW Energy PV Power Plants play a critical role in lowering dependency on traditional energy sources, minimizing environmental impact, and promoting a sustainable future. Join us in propelling forward, one solar panel at a time. NW Energy is blazing the route to a cleaner and brighter future.

Why Choose Us

NW Energy The
One Stop Solution

Long-Term Solutions

Long-Term Solutions

Our panels continue to bring you savings for many years

Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners

Our suppliers have been offering excellent service for decades!

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

Everything for your solar needs is here at NW Energy!

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Solar Panel


We bring the best solar panels to you from trusted providers and get them installed from professionals.


Monitoring Systems


Control and monitor your total wattage, power spend, and excess generated with state-of-the-art hardware.


Permits & Documentation


Get all legal documentation and tax information secured to get a write-off as well as other benefits!




From getting your roof redone for solar installation to setting up solar for new move-ins, it’s here!


Empowering homes and businesses, powering lives and generations

Take advantage of the transforming power of the solar with our smooth service and solar system installations. We empower homes and businesses, transform lives and pave the way for a greener future.

Why are we the solar industry leaders?

We don’t just build solar.

We recognise that as renewable energy has grown more popular, you will find various firms, some with little industry expertise, claiming to develop solar. We don't only build solar. We draw on our years of experience to create commercial solar solutions that fit your requirements. We complete projects on schedule and within budget, while developing long-term professional connections.

We design solar power solutions.

We begin by asking you the proper questions based on our years of expertise and diverse projects. These questions allow us to better understand your present position. We examine your business case for energy conservation, renovations, and solar integration in a cost-effective and practical manner.

We Work Well with Your Utility.

NW Energy is thrilled to collaborate with prominent local utilities. They are familiar with our work and value the jobs we have completed. Some have even been created for utilities as community solar. The smooth integration of your solar with the local utility necessitates expert partnerships, such as those we've established over time.

The NW Gallery

The NW Reviews

The NW Reviews

Luna Moon
Read More
Wire Nutz and our Rep Mathew Blair did an amazing job. Mathew explained the whole process and made it super easy. We got a new electric panel because our house is pretty old, a gorgeous new roof and the solar panels. Everyone was very professional.
Sherry Feeney
Read More
Matthew Blair is a breath of fresh air!! So awesome to deal with a down to earth, genuinely nice human being!! Very personable, easy to talk with. The world needs more people like him!! Can't wait for the next stage of going solar!!!
Lisa Wojey
Read More
Wire Nutz came out and installed my solar panels and new electrical panel and did a beautiful job. When the inspector came for final inspection he said he loves Wire Nutz work and that they did a great job. We passed inspection! These guys are very knowledgeable, efficient, and trustworthy! I loved them and there work!
Zach Mariano
Read More
So far I have had my new electrical panel, and car charger installed and I am very happy. Great, clean work and have my solar install happening in the next few days . If you are even thinking about going Solar then give WireNutz a call and ask for MATT BLAIR. He is extremely knowledgeable and makes sure you know exactly what your getting, how it works, and the entire process.
Eugene J
Read More
Wire nutz came out to talk about solar, to see if it was adequate for my home. The sales rep Matt Blair did an amazing job explaining all the ins and outs of these systems. I still to this day if i have any questions regaurding the solar i give Matt a call and he is always willing to answer any questions i have. Thank you Matt! Next was installation, wire nutz did a great job with organizing times and dates with my busy schedule. Had all my solar on the roof in 2 days of work in the blistering heat of July. Great crew very efficient and trustworthy. Big thanks to the whole crew. Very satisfied customer.
Heather Blackthorn
Read More
We had our first consultation with WireNutz last July. Matthew Blair was our consultant and he was really great at being transparent about the process, the cost, and the benefits. We have been so happy to have solar panels, and so happy that we worked with WireNutz And with Matt to help achieve our goal of using more sustainable energy. We’ve already seen amazing benefits, some of which we didn’t even expect. We’re doing good things for the environment, our electric bill is usually about $23 a month, and the panels bounce the heat off our house so our house stays cooler!
ReBecka Gaylor
Read More
Matthew Blair was super helpful when I was shopping around for solar for our house. He answered all of my questions and wasn't degrading when I didn't understand something. We have now had solar for a year and he is still able to help answer questions and help when we need it. My rating is strictly on him. We havent had any issues with our solar or anyone that works with Matthew but he deserves a 5 star rating!

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: With NW Energy's cutting-edge sustainable energy solutions, you can now create electricity on your roof while also saving money. Property owners understand that we are trusted leaders in commercial and residential solar systems, providing excellent value for all of their solar energy equipment requirements. Impeccable design, perfect project management, incentive procurement, and continuous assistance are all incorporated and form the foundation of our business. At NW Energy, we aim to generate revenue for your business and provide everyday savings to your bottom line.

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