Site Surveys

Solar site assessments to check the accuracy and feasibility of your future solar power system.

Gathering the necessary data is the first step towards a successful solar installation. As part of our site survey for solar installation package, we provide an extensive range of solar site assessments that are adapted to each project’s specific demands, assuring precision and quality throughout the process. Our solar surveyors provide professional solar site surveys for your residential, commercial, or utility projects. Contact us today and discuss your solar power stem needs and goals and get a solar feasibility study done from our expert technicians.

Understanding our solar site assessment process and why you need to get it done?

A site survey for solar installation is an on-site process. Our specialists visit your property to collect a variety of information that may be necessary to assess the efficiency of a solar panel for a specific site as well as the optimal panel size. The many bits of information that are collected include:

  • The local climate conditions in the region.
  • The physical characteristics of the location and rooftops.
  • The customer’s power consumption demands.
  • Shades, if any, on the proposed location or roof.

A qualified specialist conducts the site survey for solar installation, and based on his findings, a 3D model of the site is created and used in the system design process. A site analysis for solar projects considers three essential aspects. This includes:

Feasibility: Our experts first consider if installing a solar panel is worthwhile. They evaluate the solar panel’s efficiency to its cost and upkeep. As a result, they advise users to consider if solar panels will benefit them.

Viability: Another factor that they analyze is if the solar panel will provide the customer a financial gain in the long term compared to the traditional source of power.

Power Requirements of the User: During the on-site survey, the specialists analyze the customer’s energy requirements and determine what percentage of those requirements will be met by the electricity supplied by solar power.

What actions are undertaken by our team when they visit for a solar feasibility study?

To guarantee that the solar panel mounted functions extraordinarily well and efficiently, it is critical to do a complete site study by professionals such as ours. According to the survey results, the company’s engineers and designers may provide a tailored solution based on the customer’s requirements. The following is a list of tasks completed during our extensive solar site assessment.

Initial Evaluation and Data Collection

Our initial step is to collect all necessary information about the region, address, and structure. This includes permitting limits and regulations. The study begins with an initial evaluation in which our staff works with you to collect critical information about your property, such as roof size, building orientation, and possible shading features. This phase prepares the framework for the comprehensive survey.

Roof Assessment

With different residences and facilities having varied roofs, site surveys and roof structural inspections are critical. During the roof structure examination, several factors are considered, including the roof’s dimensions, inclination, materials used in its construction, rooftop direction, and practicality. To determine the optimal locations for solar panel installation, a thorough investigation of roof conditions, size, angle, and structural integrity is performed.

Aerial Data Collection.

We gather aerial photos using modern drone survey and GPS data point mapping technologies. This part of our site survey for solar installations allows us to obtain roof and obstacle measurements with a sub-inch precision.

Shade Analysis.

We use specialized tools to plan out shade patterns throughout the day and year, maximizing solar exposure while reducing potential shading effects on panel performance. A shading study in a solar site assessment determines the effect of shade created by neighboring structures, trees, or other obstructions on solar panel performance.

Electrical evaluation.

During our professional solar site survey, an electrical review is performed to confirm that the property’s current electrical systems are compatible with solar installations. It evaluates the capacity and quality of the electrical infrastructure to see whether changes or adjustments are required to incorporate solar panels smoothly.

This evaluation seeks to ensure that the solar system is safely and efficiently connected to the property’s electrical network, optimizing performance and assuring compliance with industry standards and laws.

Expert site survey – an experience that pays off well.

A solar site assessment before panel installation provides information on the possible efficacy of the solar PV system, allowing you to make an educated choice about the viability of the solar panels for your needs. NW Energy can provide you with the best and most accurate site feasibility study reports as well as high-quality solar PV systems that meet your specific needs. We are the top solar power installation business, with a global reputation for providing high-quality goods and services. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today for a comprehensive solar feasibility study and get yourself on the track of renewable energy to play a part for a better, greener and sustainable future.

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