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Welcome To NW Energy Group

Harnessing Solar Power For Generations To Come

NW Energy Group is a renowned organization known for its endeavors to help people adopt solar power utilization as a budget and eco-friendly alternative to other energy sources. Our company along with its well-reputed partners, Solar and Enphase, deals with purchase and installation of solar panels along with all other supporting services such as roof alterations, financing and loans, legal documentation and taxation regarding solar panel installation and maintenance. NW Energy is a one-stop shop for all your solar power utilization needs.

Get to know about Our Solar history and story!

NW Energy is a leading solar firm serving Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We design, manufacture, and install solar energy systems to help you save money while also delivering a cleaner, more stable power source. Over 10,000 households and businesses have benefited from our comprehensive energy solutions. As a fully licensed solar energy provider, you can rely on the quality of our work. Our engineers and installers are NABCEP-certified and have extensive expertise on the job.

NW Energy is dedicated to providing our clients with cost-effective solar energy solutions constructed from high-quality components manufactured right here in the United States. With over 25 years of expertise in the solar energy business, we are industry experts and technological pioneers. When you go "GREEN" with NW Energy equipment, you receive not just high-quality materials and trained personnel, but also the assurance that your solar energy equipment will work correctly and effectively for many years.

Why are we the number 1 choice for solar power needs in Vancouver?

Verified Experience

NW Energy has worked with homeowners for many years to help them harness the power of the sun and obtain independence from the electric utility. We are pioneers in our sector and have long-standing connections with our partners, allowing us to pass on savings to our loyal consumers. As experts in the field, our experience and reputation speaks for itself.

Innovative Approaches And Solutions

In terms of solar energy, there is no "one-size-fits-all" answer. Each job provides a fresh challenge, and the easiness of our procedure is primarily determined by a variety of criteria, including the size and location of your house or company, roof configuration, and roof material. Green Solar Technologies recognises this and collaborates closely with each of our clients to provide unique, energy-efficient solutions for homes of all sizes and styles.

Long Term Value

The unbeatable prices you get when you select NW Energy are only the beginning. Our Go Green initiative helps you make your house as energy-efficient as possible, and wire nutz solar panels installation services are intended to give long-term efficiency and value, opening the door to hundreds of dollars in annual savings!

Our core values that help us stay on the top of the clean energy
service provider’s league!

Our core values are the foundation and focal point of our business. These basic principles guide every choice, and we are convinced you will recognise them in each of our team members. If you share our values and principles, we are the renewable energy company for you!

Courageously Kind:

We take pleasure in the fact that we show compassion to one another, our customers, our communities, and the environment. We actually care about one another, are unselfish, demonstrate empathy, and boost one another up. We are both ferocious and gentle. We strive to bring better benefits for all humanity.

Positive Accountability:

We continually take ownership of our acts and display personal responsibility. We hold the idea that "this specific task/job begins and finishes with me." This value is used by team members, leaders, managers, administrators, and employees to reassure others that they are showing up and performing at or beyond the level specified in their job description. We do not use this as a humiliating or negative feedback tool.

A Hungry Mind:

We are not hesitant to ask each other questions, and we want to learn anything and everything. We are always developing and becoming better teammates. At the same time, we recognise that "there are numerous ways to climb up a mountain" and strive to figure out why a process and/or procedure is accomplished in a specific manner. We "stay curious" and delve deeper to figure out why, no matter what.

Open to vulnerability:

Vulnerability and acceptance are key to our firm. We keep our egos in check, accept and welcome constructive criticism, and capitalize on the strengths of others. We are always working on ourselves and our personal development. We talk to our team members and consumers if any action makes them feel uncomfortable.


NW Energy's objective is to bring about revolutionary change for our workers, customers, and society. We accomplish this through our commitment to creating a more ecologically sound and cleaner environment through high-quality roofing and solar installations, consistently prioritizing our staff and clients, broadening renewable energy across Vancouver, and advocating for consumer rights in our sector at both the state and national levels.

We also do this through our dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging inside our organization. We think that success is achieved by encouraging and retaining a diverse workforce in terms of color, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, faith, and other characteristics. We are going to keep climbing to the top as the catalyst for change in our field by honoring these disparities, building an inclusive safe space where every worker has a voice, and giving underrepresented people a seat at the table, from the pitch to the office.