Solar Excellence Through Collaboration

NW Energy Partners Solar Excellence Through Collaboration

NW Energy’s vision is that collaboration is at the heart of success, and it the key to providing the best solar solutions. Our commitment towards excellence is not limited to our services, we extend it to our partnerships as well. Each of our partners is an industry leader in their respective niche, because we won’t settle for any less.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our team at NW Energy is wholly dedicated to offering our customers the best results in the solar industry. Our choice in partners reflects our passion for the industry, and the fact that we want the absolute best for our customers.

We would like to introduce our outstanding partners, sharing the same values i.e. quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, at their core as us. Meet our amazing partners who share the same values of quality, innovation and customer satisfaction as us

Our Trusted Partners


has been a cornerstone in our journey to provide the people with the best solar experience in the market, and with 27 years in the business, they are our trusted contractor for all the premium tech that we use in our solutions.
provides us with the solar panels, batteries, while also helping with the installations. All of products come with a warranty of 25 years to make sure that your investments with us are protected for generations.
Being our closest ally in the quest for making sustainable energy available to the masses, is a true beacon of innovation in the world of solar.


Our solar journey would be incomplete without our trusted partner Enphase. With us since 2006, Enphase is our key dealer in providing top-notch monitoring and maintenance facilities, making sure that our solar power solutions are performing without a hitch.
Enphase’s support has been instrumental in our continued success over the last two decades. With them constantly monitoring and maintaining our solar systems, and their hasty action has led to our customer satisfaction skyrocketing and we've been able to continue to flourish as the go-to provider for sustainable energy.

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Mosaic is a leader in the world of sustainable home development and improvement financing. Through their partnership with NW Energy, they offer a wide range of financing options for batteries, solar panels, EV charging, HVAC, roofing, and any services that we may provide.
Mosaic’s aim is to let everyone have easy access to affordable and sustainable home improvements, all made possible through their highly flexible financing options.
Mosaic’s technology, as well, is industry leading. Having empowered 400,000 homeowners to switch over to sustainable solutions, they have eliminated almost 17 million metric tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, which can be equated to taking 2.4 million cars on the road for 30 years.
Mosaic also allows contractors to sell, close and manage deals seamlessly. Thanks to their continued support, we are able to help our customers achieve energy freedom without having to ruin their budget.


Working closely with the best home improving improvement professionals, Goodleap simplifies home upgrades with flexible payment options. Being one of our financing partners, Goodleap allows us to provide flexible financing solutions to all our clients.
Goodleap is an advocate for smarter payment options,and they engineer new ways for homeowners to pay for home improvements, allowing them to save money and remove any barriers between them and the life they want.
Having financed almost 400,000 solar systems and saving the atmosphere from millions upon millions of metric tonnes of CO2, Goodleap is a true champion of environmentally friendly energy. Not only that, but by themselves, Goodleap has contributed over $19 billion in sustainable home development.
They continue to drive sustainable energy production, while promoting customer privacy and consent preferences.


Sunlight Financial

Sunlight Financial is a massive player in the solar industry. They partner with contractors all over the nation and offer affordable and flexible loans for modern home upgrades. Boasting the best-in-class technology and credit expertise, they simplify and streamline homeowner financing for the masses, while also providing elite level support and flexibility.
Some of Sunlight Financial’s contributions include funding over 200,000 solar energy solutions and helping with the installation, all thanks to their simple yet intuitive sales platform which ensures fast financing.
Sunlight Financial helps businesses have working capital for growth and provides homeowners with home improvement financing options that meet their needs completely. The clean energy initiatives undertaken by them have contributed to close to 400,000 solar systems’ financing. Thus significantly protecting the environment.
All these traits make Sunlight Financials the perfect partner to help us with our financing.

Our Partners

Our Lenders

NW Energy
Choosing the Best for Your Solar Journey

We are not willing to compromise on the quality of your experience, hence having only the highest value partnerships is one of our highest priorities.
Our commitment to excellence, combined with the expertise that our partners bring to the table makes sure that every project that we complete is a definitive step towards a cleaner, brighter tomorrow.
Explore the transformative power of solar with NW Energy. Contact us today for a consultation.