Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Let the Sun Light Up Your Home: Embrace Solar Energy for Your Family

The economy is at an all time worse, and as such, energy costs have gone up by many times over the past few years, becoming a big liability for the people. Thus, millions are choosing to go for residential solar power solutions for their homes, and that’s where NW Energy enters the scene.

Imagine yourself basking in the glow of the sun, and knowing that the same warmth that brings smiles to our faces in the cold of winter, is also powering your home, lighting up your life with affordable, environmentally friendly energy. No more dependence on the corporate energy providers, no more massive bills ruining your budget, no more power outages or grid failures. Just clean, everflowing energy, powered by the star that we revolve around.

This is not just a pipe dream, but a reality that you can experience with NW Energy’s Home Solar Energy Systems, powered by the cutting edge tech of the future. Embrace NW Energy’s Residential Solar solutions and turn your house into a sustainable haven that is free from the worries of environmental damage and rising energy bills.

NW Energy: Revolutionizing Home Solar Energy Systems For Two Decades.

While the market is saturated with deceit and false promises, NW Energy stands among the top 1% that actually deliver on what we promise. With powerful warranties of up to 25 years on most services and products, you can rest assured once you have our solar solutions installed in your home.


Imagine your home being powered by the sun, having little to no dependence on the grid, low energy costs, and a guilt-free conscience when it comes to the environment. All of that is possible with NW Energy.

With the cutting edge technologies and highly skilled crew at our disposal, we create tailored solar solutions for each home. We do a thorough examination of your house in our site survey, figure out the best placement for the solar panels, then we present you with a tailored solution made just for your home.

NW Energy stands with you even beyond the installation process. We are here to help with any maintenance or support that you might need, through our 24/7 active support team, and our high-tech monitoring systems that analyze and diagnose any issues as soon as they arise.


With NW Energy, you’re not getting just a service, you’re getting a partner that brings two decades of experience to the table, along with an undying commitment to making your life easier.

Rejuvenating the Planet: Erase Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

You can now contribute to the safety of our beautiful planet while also enjoying a massive reduction in energy costs.

Reduce your carbon footprint and save big on energy bills by contacting NW Energy’s experts for a house solar installation now!

Experience the NW Energy Difference:

Investing in our residential solar installations goes beyond just installing solar panels. It’s a lifelong partnership with a trusted advisor who is committed to your energy independence and environmental well-being.

Here’s why NW Energy is peerless in the industry:

Decades of Experience:

With two decades of experience under our belts, our team members are all veterans in the art of turning homes into self-sufficient energy havens. We have extensive experience in designing and implementing residential solar power solutions, guaranteeing optimal performance and efficiency for your specific needs.


With a partner who knows the ins and outs of the industry, all you have to do is leave everything to us and simply enjoy the fruits of your solar investment.

Industry Leading Quality:

We only partner with industry leading contractors for all our equipment to ensure that you get the top-tier quality and performance that you deserve, with every solar panel, every battery, and all other components boasting high durability, reliability, and maximum lifespan for your investments.

Financing for Every Situation:

Going solar is a significant investment, a big step for you to take and we fully understand that. We offer financing alternatives that are reasonable and make solar energy more accessible than ever because of our agreements with reputable lenders. We’re here to help you find affordable and sustainable financing options for your home’s solar energy systems.

We believe that everyone should have access to clean, sustainable energy, and with our trusted lenders, financing is never an obstacle between you and your energy freedom.

Home Improvement Solutions:

Our contribution doesn’t just end at installing a solar power system at your house. We go beyond that, even providing home improvement services like roofing to ensure that your home’s solar energy system rests on a solid foundation. Improving not just the longevity of your investment but the safety of your home as well.

Real-Time Monitoring Systems:

Our state-of-the-art monitoring system lets you take ownership of the total wattage, power expenditure, and all the excess energy generated.

Our systems provide you with transparency and allow you to track and optimize your solar energy usage. As an empowered homeowner, our easy-to-use UI keeps you in control, 24/7.

Dedicated Customer Support:

The house solar installation isn’t where our dedication to you ends, instead, we keep providing value to you through our powerful insights and advice.

NW Energy’s team is here to assist you at every stage. We put your happiness and peace of mind first, as you have a swift and dependable support system to take care of your solar-related needs.

Walk Hand in Hand With The Future of Energy

Get in touch with our expert consultants and let us take away all your energy headaches, reduce your carbon footprint, and take you to the future of energy now.

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