monitoring system

Monitoring Systems

Solar panel monitoring to guarantee optimum efficiency at all times.

There is no actual ON/OFF switch for solar power. Your panels generate clean power anytime the sun shines without making a sound. The only actual proof that they are functioning is on your electricity bill, where you can see the savings for yourself.

However, this distinguishing trait of solar-powered energy has a double edge. If your panels quit operating due to dust, weather, or faults, you will not know for several months. You may potentially end yourself owing the electric provider hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

So, how can you determine whether your solar photovoltaic (PV) system is operating properly or not? The secret lies in solar system performance monitoring.

NW Energy takes pleasure in providing a cutting-edge solar panel monitoring service for our home, business, and utility customers that goes above and beyond to protect your investment in solar energy. Our remote and real-time solar energy monitoring system includes a cutting-edge System Alert function, which is the foundation of our dedication to your solar energy installations. Our commitment to delivering a complete Remote Monitoring solution for solar means that you can count on us to improve the efficiency, dependability, and peace of mind connected with your solar systems.

Solar system performance monitoring solutions like no other in the market !

NW Energy’s Solar system performance Monitoring Service represents the future of solar monitoring. Our sophisticated monitoring system is meant to keep you informed at all times. Consider a solar system that not only produces clean energy but also interacts with you efficiently. We use our System Alert tool to provide you early notifications anytime there is a fault in the solar panel system. It’s more than simply convenience; it’s about keeping your solar energy system running smoothly and effectively. Don’t let outages or disruptions hold you back. Choose NW Energy and let our attentive guardian system maintain your solar system performing at its peak. Join us today to harness the might of the sun while we manage the rest.

The process of solar system performance monitoring and reporting.

  • Assessment: Determine your unique solar system performance monitoring and reporting requirements, including compliance requirements and performance objectives.
  • System Integration: Connect monitoring tools to your existing solar system for real-time data collecting and analysis.
  • Solar System Remote Monitoring and Control: Set up remote management, so you can manage and control your solar energy system from anywhere.
  • Alerts and notifications: Set up Solar panel Monitoring and Alerts to warn you of any difficulties or abnormalities.
  • Ongoing Support: Provide ongoing assistance, updates, and analysis to guarantee your system’s success.

Solar panel monitoring for uninterrupted energy generation.

As a NW Energy client, you are going to get real-time solar monitoring of your PV system’s performance immediately after configuring your current solar energy meter or installing a new meter if you do not already have one, and once your solar panels have been installed and set up. We import your solar meter data around the day to determine whether the PV panels’ output is consistent with what they should be generating at that time. Our algorithms do this through:

  • Using your installation’s historical daily and monthly performance as a benchmark
  • Analyzing the weather and solar radiation in your geographical location
  • Comparing your system’s output with what nearby installations are producing.

The tiniest variations instantly generate an alarm, and our monitoring staff assesses the situation to decide if action is necessary. If intervention is required, we will assign a technician to resolve the problem. That way, your solar savings may continue without interruption.

Advantages of Solar System Monitoring and Reporting.

  • Real-time insights: Gain rapid access to information about energy output, consumption, and system health via our energy monitoring system.
  • Solar System Remote Monitoring and operate: Manage and operate your solar system from anywhere, assuring peak performance and prompt resolution of any difficulties.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Receive real-time Solar energy Monitoring and Alerts for possible problems, allowing you to take rapid action.
  • Performance Analysis: Examine energy consumption trends and patterns to discover potential for increased efficiency and savings.
  • Compliance and information: Comply with regulatory obligations by providing accurate and timely information on energy output and emissions.


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