Commercial Solar

Harness the power of sustainable solar energy for your business!

Free energy for Long-term Success

We design solar installations for businesses for optimal performance and ease of use. Our experts craft solutions that help businesses cut down on utility expenses and redirect savings back into your account.

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) struggle with the monthly heavy utility bills and as your company grows, it consumes more energy. Utility bills take up most of the investment. According to studies, an SMB has an average consumption of 15,000kWh to 50,000kWh and it’s even more for larger businesses. The average electricity bill comes in between $9,285/month to $30,950/month. The money you use to pay utility bills can be reduced with commercial solar panel systems, making solar energy the right investment for your business. Energy experts predict these numbers may increase with time so why not invest in a budget-friendly alternative with NW Energy?

The future of corporate solar energy can be changed with NW Energy and its expert commercial services. Energy from the sun is free and can benefit businesses whether small, medium or large. You can lessen the utility costs and even eliminate them.

Investing in solar power for commercial properties is a big decision but you need to keep in mind the long-term success of your business and the potential savings you can make by cutting down on your utility bills.

What can NW Energy do for your business?

We offer more than solar installations for businesses.

Our tailored services maximize the return on your solar investment and help you optimize your energy usage. We also provide additional valuable services like roof upgrades and documentation.

Choose NW Energy now, and get the sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solar solution for your business!

Benefits of Going Solar with NW Energy

Utilizing Renewable Energy

Solar energy is one of nature’s renewable energy sources. Scientists estimate that there are about 5 billion years of energy left, so we’re going a long way. Solar panels will always be a viable source of energy as long as there’s sunlight.

Solar panels can convert 15% to 20% of sunlight into energy and yet this is enough to cut down a great amount of electricity bills. NW Energy provides top-quality solar panels to its customers that fully utilize renewable energy.

Increased Property Value

Solar installations for businesses and homes can increase the value of the property. A buyer may consider purchasing the property if they see solar panels installed on the building. Solar panels reduce energy costs and the idea of a building having energy independence is compelling.

A solar-powered building is a great investment. NW Energy’s services are worth the investment in increasing the value of your property.

An Environmentally Sustainable Future

For years fossil fuels have been a source of energy but with solar energy, NW Energy is helping shape a new narrative for an environmentally-friendly future.

Solar panels for houses and businesses have a low environmental impact. Solar energy systems produce little to no greenhouse gas emissions during operation, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of residential and commercial buildings that help mitigate climate change.

Enjoy Energy Independence

Experts suggest energy costs might rise with time. NW Energy helps you get started with becoming energy independent and makes the process seamless for you.

You can become self-sufficient by generating your own electricity. You can become independent of the grid and reduce power outages. If you’re a business owner, going solar will help cut down on the electricity bills and save some money. If you’re a homeowner, save up from the heavy monthly utility bills.

Get a Return on Investment (ROI)

Getting financing for solar installations can be costly, going solar isn’t an easy investment. NW Energy gets you started with financing and in no time, you can get your return on investment.

Solar panels are the seeds you sow and reap its fruits for the rest of your life.

Ensuring Low Maintenance

After you’ve gone solar, you can expect low maintenance costs. Since there are no moving parts, cleaning them is very easy. You can easily clean solar panels once a year or once in a few months.

NW Energy offers a 25-year warranty for the repair and maintenance of solar panels for houses and offices.

Reduce Your Bills

Heavy utility bills can be frustrating but you can reduce or completely eliminate them with time. Solar panels are a big investment but they yield savings with time. Being on the grid exposes homes and offices to routine power outages and yet most face hefty bills.

NW Energy’s residential and commercial solar panel systems help reduce a significant amount of your bills in the time of rising energy costs.

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